Is 6 Month Smile a better option?

6 Month Smile has many of the advantages that Invisalign offers, but it deploys slightly different technology.

However, the main difference between Invisalign and 6 Month Smile is that the latter incorporates a traditional bracket and elastic system into its design. Whereas Invisalign aligners are removable, 6 Month Smile is a fixed bracket that remains in place for the duration of the treatment.

6 Month Smile is a good example of how conventional braces have been re-designed, developed and enhanced in recent years, so that they keep pace with the new types of treatments available. Similarly to Invisalign, the 6 Month Smile programme places great emphasis on aesthetics. The brackets and elastics used are tooth-coloured, so that they are barely visible – no need to worry about unsightly metal right across your front teeth.

Another comparison with Invisalign is that the 6 Month Smile programme is bespoke to each patient. Your braces are designed using the latest technology and custom-built to fit you, with the key pressure points identified. This bespoke design means that your brace exerts pressure on your teeth at the optimum points and in exactly the right way – so your teeth move faster and your brace feels more comfortable.

This combination of bespoke design with fixed brackets and elastics, means that the 6 Month Smile programme can move teeth quickly. It is also significantly cheaper than Invisalign, because it involves fewer visits to the dentist and shorter treatment times.

So why would your dentist recommend Invisalign rather than 6 Month Smile? The most obvious reason is that, while 6 Month Smile is a very advanced product, it is designed with a particular audience in mind: adults who want to make fast cosmetic improvements to their smile. 6 Month Smile, therefore, is unlikely to be recommended by your dentist if you need to move more than merely your front teeth.

While the Invisalign programme takes longer to achieve the desired result, it has the potential to tackle orthodontic problems that 6 Month Smile cannot. Whereas 6 Month Smile concentrates on moving only the visible teeth, Invisalign can also move the areas of your teeth that you cannot instantly see. Often, therefore, the results are more likely to promote better oral health over a longer period of time.