An accident stopped progress on my invisalign treatment can I now continue?

Hi, I do you know if you can you start invisalign again, as in carry on? I had to cut my treatment short due to an accident, which damaged my front teeth and had to stop the invisalign so i could get my teeth back to normal. My dentist has given me a full bill of health and says i am good to go with brace work, however i was 3 trays into my invisalign do you think i could just continue or would i have to have everything reassesed again? and would I be charged again?

thank you

Its really hard for me to say whether it is ok to start back again as I don’t know exactly what accident you had, the severity of the trauma and the exact condition your teeth are in. I would recommend you  go back and see your invisalign dentist to see whether it would be ok to carry on or not or whether you need new impressions as well as new aligners, for which you may be charged. Hope this helps
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