Are Invisalign Braces Likely To Cause Mouth Ulcers And Dental Caries?

Hello Dr Kumar. I am considering Invisalign and would like to know if the braces ever give rise to oral problems such as for example, mouth ulcers due to any possible friction, dental caries in spite of an immaculate tooth cleaning regime and or any other localised superficial, but unwanted oral problems? Any information would be very helpful, thank you.
Hello and thank you for your question. With all orthodontic systems an increase in the build up of plaque in the mouth is caused for the length of treatment. However with Invisalign being removable, it is easier to clean and also reduces the frequency of sugar in the diet will reduce the likelihood of caries. You much consider also that when the teeth are straightened it’s easier to clean and floss the teeth as bacteria is less likely to build up compared to crooked teeth. I hope this helps clarify things for you and helps you with your decision. Best Wishes, Dr R Kumar.
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