Can I have Invisalign if I have gum disease?

I would like to try Invisalign braces but at the moment I have slight gum disease and they bleed now and then.I have been to the hygienist and got some treatment and now I work hard to keep my teeth as clean as possible.
Obviously I will wait until the gum disease has gone but I am worried that the shield things will rub on my gums and hurt? Are they quite hard or soft? I wondered if I could maybe have a feel of one before I decide, do you think a dentist would let me do that? I have seen and worn a mouth guard before and they can be really tough and painful after a while, but I am guessing that they are the very cheap ones and not like Invisalign at all.Thank you for your help.
The Invisalign aligners are harder, but designed not to rub on the gums or irritate them – we let our patients feel a real aligner at the consultation appointment. As you say it is important any gum disease has been fully treated and is not active before any orthodontic treatment.
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