Can I Pay for Invisalign in Installments?

Hi Michael. My teeth are very overcrowded and crooked and I would really like to have Invisalign treatment to correct them, but I feel that they are too expensive for me. Would I be able to pay in installments over a certain period of time? Also, how much does it pay to have a consultation to discuss Invisalign with a dentist? Will I have to pay even for a check-up? It’s my bottom teeth more than the top, they seem to look much worse. Please help me, I don’t smile much due to this problem and I’d really like it to be solved as soon as possible. 
Hello, thank you for your question. There are indeed payment in installment options for Invisalign treatment. Many initial consultations are free of charge, but if you’ve not seen a dentist for a long time then you will need a check-up beforehand to make sure you’re not suffering from gum disease or have any other underlying problems that could hinder the Invisalign process, and this you would have to pay for. Ring up a few practices in your area and compare fees and payment plans before making a decision, costs tend to vary from practice to practice. Good luck!  
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