Can I Still Carry on With My Invisalign Treatment Even Though I’m Pregnant?

Hi! I’ve been having Invisalign treatment for 5 months but have just found out that I’m pregnant. I’ve not spoken to my orthodontist yet, will be seeing him in just under two weeks but I would just like to put my mind at rest. Will I have to stop the Invisalign treatment whilst I’m carrying my baby? Will being pregnant affect the treatment? Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
Hello, thank you for your question and congratulations! As long as you take extra effort to clean your teeth whilst undergoing Invisalign treatment, there’s no real reason why you should have to stop the treatment. Have a word with your orthodontist to see what they think, they might be able to offer you advice on how to optimise your oral hygiene regime whilst pregnant and wearing the aligners. 
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