Can I Wear My Aligners When I Go To The Sauna Or Is There A Chance They’ll Melt?

Hello Dr Thorne, I hope you can help me, I have a query for you. I was just wondering recently if it is okay to wear my aligners in the sauna three times a week for about 20mins to half an hour? Or will they melt? I would hate for anything to happen. Also is there any other activity that could harm or prevent my treatment from taking place successfully. It worries me that something could happen and I would have to pay for treatment all over again. I would be great to hear back from you regarding this enquiry. Many thanks!
Hello, thank you for your enquiry. Your aligners will be fine to wear in the sauna as they will be at your body temperature. It’s a common misconception that braces in general stop you from playing sport but this is generally a false hood. I hope this helps clarify the matter for you, I understand that treatment can be expensive and It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this. Best wishes, Dr Adam Thorne.
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