Can Invisalign Express Treat Just One Tooth?

I have one tooth on the top which, due to not enough space, has raised and is now growing further out than the rest – basically I think it just needs to be pushed back. Is this possible with Invisalign Express and if so, how long approximately would it take? The problem is just one tooth as the rest of my teeth both upper and lower and quite straight.
Hi, thank you for your question. I would have to see you to know for sure as it depends on how much movement is required. However I do think you may be better off with Invisalign, as Invisalign Express only uses 14 aligners so the amount of movement/treatment is restricted. If the treatment isn’t as complete as you’d like it to be in this time you can have up to 5 additional aligners but this may cost you more. Full Invisalign treatment is usually better because you have as many aligners as it takes, so you won’t be disappointed because your treatment isn’t quite complete. Invisalign Express is usually only for very, very mild cases. 
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