Can my missing tooth gap be used to spread out my croweded teeth, or should I get an implant?


does invisalign straighten out teeth that have moved because of tooth loss? I have lost my tooth on my top jaw due to an accident and have stupidly left it for years, now my teeth have moved and look awful. If i use invisalign will it move the teeth into that gap and will that look ok, or should i get an implant before had to replace the gap?

what do you recommend doctor?

thank you

Hi there! Unfortunately it is hard to reply because I haven’t seen your teeth, which one is missing and how much the space has closed. Sometimes, if we have crowding it may be possible, but it is difficult to judge without a clinical examination. If closing the gap is not possible, then the rest of the teeth can be aligned and an adequate space for an implant can be created, to help you achieve the best aesthetic outcome. I would recommend to have an Invisalign consultation from an experienced Invisalign dentist and talk about your options. Best wishes, Vasileia
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