Does Invisalign Treatment Really Take 18 Months To Be Completed?

Hi there. I didn’t realise how long I’d be wearing the aligners for. My orthodontist suggested that I’ll need around 18 months for the treatment to be completed! I was convinced he’d say 6 months at the most! Is this right? Does it usually take this long? Or is it just a way for him to charge me more? Please be honest with me. Thank you.
Hello, thank you for coming to me with your query. The length of treatment really depends on the patient and the current alignment of your teeth. I’d have to see you to assess the complexity of your situation in order to tell you exactly how long you’ll need for the treatment to be completed, but it can take from a few months to a few years for Invisalign treatment to be fully complete. I’m sure your orthodontist is accurate in his assessment though, as the average amount of time that aligners are worn is typically between 18-24 months. Hope this helps you! 
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