How Can I Get My Original Impressions As I Want My Teeth To Go Back To How They Were.

Hi. I would like to get in contact with invisalign to find out if they have my original impressions, it’s been about 4 years since I started my treatment. I would like my top teeth returned to their original form as now they are off centre. I never needed my top teeth touched but was talked into it. I have used top aligners to get my teeth back as far as the 1st alinger but I need an aligner of my actual original impression just to get them back exactly as they were.
I asked my orthodontist to do this for me but she has been of no help to me. I thought given time they might move back themselves but they don’t seem to be.
Hi, unfortunately I am not so sure if that is possible since it has been a long time you started treatment. Your best bet is to ring Invisalign customer services and ask them. Sorry I cannot be of further help, as we have never really had a similar request, and it’s is difficult to advise you without seeing your case n person. Best of luck, Dr Vasileia Manoloutsou.
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