How do I choose an Invisalign Provider?

I have saved up some money to sort my teeth out, I like the look of Invisalign, the one thing I am worried about is the quality of the dentist. How would you recommend going about choosing a dentist who is going to do a good job and not try and rip me off? thanks guys
Hello and thank you for your question regarding Invisalign treatment.

In answer to your question, most importantly, I would suggest that you need to locate an Invisalign dentist who has treated a large volume of cases and therefore has a high degree of experience using the Invisalign Clear Brace system.

There are a number of ways that you can research and select Invisalign Providers to ensure that you can find an Invisalign Doctor that you can be confident with:

1) If you visit , Invisalign themselves have a “Find a Practioner” tool on their home page. By simply entering the first component of the Postcode of the area you live in you will immediately be provided with a list of Invisalign providers in that area. The provider who comes out on the top of that list will be the provider who carries out the largest volume of Invisalign cases in that given postcode district.
Many of the Providers at the top of these lists will also have an important “Designation” alongside their listing which again quantifies their experience level. These Designations range from PE “Platinum Elite Status Invisalign Doctor” down through to S “Silver Status Invisalign Doctor”. All of these Designations reflect that the provider has treated, or has committed to treat, a significant number of patients with Invisalign per year and so this can also be used as a significant selection tool when decided which provider to visit.
If you are prepared to travel a little in order to find a more experienced Invisalign Provider than input alternative local postcodes.
These listings will also reveal the Providers website addresses and contact details so you can investigate the providers further through their own websites to help you find even more information with regards their experience.

2)The Invisalign Guide itself ( is also a very useful method of finding an Invisalign provider you can be confident with. Not only does this website have a similar “Invisalign Provider Locator” tool , this website gives you access to a number of very experienced Invisalign Providers who are based up and down the country. The listed Experts have all of their contact details incorporated into this website so I would strongly suggest researching to see if any of the listed Experts are close enough to you.

Finally, once you have selected an Invisalign Provider you would like to have a consultation with……. At the consultation, ask to see before and after images of the Providers Invisalign cases. An experienced Invisalign Provider will have a variety of before and after treatment images which may be comparable to your own case. This can only help improve your confidence not only in the Invisalign System but also your chosen Provider.

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