How Long Would It Take To Treat My Cross-Bite With Invisalign?

Hello Dr Akere. Could you please tell me the usual treatment time for Invisalign when used for a cross-bite of the two front teeth? It is pretty severe so would you recommend Invisalign as the best treatment? I can pay up to £3000, would this be enough? Sorry for all the questions I just really want to be thorough! Thank you for your time.
Hello, thank you for coming to me with your enquiry. Invisalign certainly would be an option for you but it’s hard to say how long it would take without seeing you. It takes roughly 6-9 months to fully treat a cross-bite, and you would need to wear a retainer afterwards to ensure that it is properly corrected. As for the price, it varies between each individual dentist so you would have to ask your orthodontist for a better idea. Hope this is helpful! 
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