How Much Does it Cost to Replace an Aligner?

Hello Dr Patel. Invisalign braces seem like the ideal option for me because they’re removable and discreet, but I am really clumsy and manage to lose everything so I’m worried I’d lose my aligner! How much would I have to pay if that happened? I also wanted to ask if there’s a cooling off period in case the aligners don’t agree with my for whatever reason? Another worry I’ve got is that I’ll find them painful and just want to take them out all the time. Thank you!
Hello. Usually if you lose an aligner it costs around £100 to replace it. The aligners come with a case to keep them in when you’re not wearing them but ideally you should have them in most of the time, so it would be very unlikely to lose them. And yes there is a cooling off period after you’ve had your impressions made and before you accept your Clincheck. Good luck! 
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