How simple is it to change dentist whilst having Invisalign?

Hi, I would like to switch from my current provider (a dentist) to an orthodontist. I’ve already had my consultation with the orthodontist and he has agreed to take on my case. However, I would like to know, can my dentist withhold any of my information or charge me any fees for releasing the information. I was told that dentist pay Invisalign a fee to obtain the supplies and if I’m interested in switching, I will have to pay the dentist her fees, is that correct? The reason for my desire to switch: my dentist did not explain to me how long my treatment was, when I ask her specific questions related to my treatment, she tells me to read on-line and find out all the information required. I was not interested in having my bottom teeth treated, upon her insistence and being informed that it would only be for 6 months, I later found out from her that it might be a year and a half, and again, she did not provide me with any clear timelines or reasons for the treatment.
I would go back to your dentist first and discuss your concerns with them directly. If you feel you are still keen to switch then there is a form that you, your current dentist and future orthodontist all need to sign. Any material or Invisalign laboratory costs (to manufacture the aligners) the dentist has paid already would have to be settled as would her time spent.
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