I Grind My Teeth During The Night. Will This Affect Invisalign Treatment?

Hello Dr. Patel.  I am thinking about getting Invisalign to straighten my teeth.
Unfortunately, I grind my teeth in my sleep. Does this affect the aligners?

Thank you, Lisa.

Hello Lisa, thank you for your question. Seeing as the aligners are changed every 2 weeks, it’s very unlikely that you will grind through them in such a short space of time.Although I can’t imagine there being any problems with Invisalign in your case, there are alternative discreet orthodontic systems, such as Incognito lingual braces.

As a tooth-grinder, it’s probably worth speaking to your dentist about looking at your jaw joint before undergoing treatment. Once your teeth have been re-positioned though, tooth grinding may not be as much of a problem for you as your bite will be improved. 

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