I Have A Front Tooth Overlapping. How Much Would It Cost Me To Sort This Out With Invisalign?

Hi Dr Kumar. My question I would like to ask concerns orthodontics. I am considering getting Invisalign braces but I only need to straighten one top front tooth as it is slightly overlapping the other.  What would this cost and would this be cheaper as I only need to straighten one tooth? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it. Kind regards.
Hello, many thanks for your question.
You may not realise but your dental arch may be narrow leading to the 1 tooth being pushed outwards. If you want to ignore this problem then the 1 tooth will have to be shaved thinner to get it into the arch.
My advice would be more aligners to create space for this tooth to be pushed back. Typical fees are £2000-2500 for this type of procedure, but without seeing you in person, I cannot be totally accurate as there may be other issues which may need resolving which can only be assessed fully by face to face consultation. Thank you, Dr R Kumar BDSLDSRCS.
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