I have an overbite, which braces should I get?

Q. Hello, I have an overbite with some crowding. The best way I can think to describe the situation is that the top two front teeth have grown slightly in front of the teeth either side due to me having a narrow bridge! I have been told Invisalign was not suitable after having me details sent to America by a practitioner in Stafford! Would it be worth getting a second opinion as I imagine my details will again be sent to the same place? Will something such as Clearstep be an option? I really don’t like the idea of having a fixed brace and not just because of the appearance but also because of actually having something fixed permanently in my mouth for a period of time.,
A. It is very difficult to say without carrying out a full examination The options for teeth straightening are – Clearstep -Invisalign -Damon Braces -Damon Clear -Lingual braces -Six Month braces I would recommend you go for a consultation with a dentist who carries out all of the above
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