I have had Invisalign for two years and still no results. What can be done?

I have been receiving Invisalign treatment – I am un happy with the results and the dentist carrying out the process. Was initially told it would take 6 months to a year and it is now nearly 2 years. Have had 3 sets of refinements, teeth still move during the day with gaps appearing and still have crossed lower teeth. Dentist now suggests veneers? – I would rather have straight natural teeth which is what I have paid the £3500 for. Can’t find anywhere to complain. Not sure what to do next. Please can you offer some advice.

Sorry to hear this, sometimes teeth don’t always respond to the ideal treatment – when dealing with the human body no promises or guarantee can be made regarding the absolute outcome of a procedure, it is too variable an entity to allow such predictions.

However if you are unhappy with the result, I would speak to your dentist first as they know all your treatment that has been carried out and the original tooth starting position. If he feels that it can’t be improved with Invisalign, before looking at veneers or other options I would ask for a referral to a consultant orthodontist or a recommended provider through www.invisalign.co.uk

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