I have lots of little gaps between my teeth, what are my options to close them?


I have lots and lots of little gaps between my teeth, almost as if my teeth are smaller than normal teeth. I am looking into the different options for closing these gaps such as resin bonding and braces and I was just wondering if invisalign would be ideal for this certain condition? I would prefer this over other braces as if seems to be one of the most discreet, but if it is not correct for my condition could you recommend anything else?

thank you for your time

Spacing, such as you describe can be closed orthodontically (braces) or by adding to the teeth (veneers or bonding). If you have braces these may be fixed (on the outside or the inside) or Invisalign, however you mention that they look too small in which case you may benefit from bonding or veneers for a perfect smile. Bonding is adding small amounts of filling material to the teeth and looks great but may need replacing more regularly than veneers which are thin sheets of porcelain bonded to the front of the teeth for a perfect looking smile.
I would suggest you note down all your concerns and speak to a cosmetic dentist who has experience with braces for the best options.
Good luck
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