I Have One Tooth That Sticks Out. Are Braces Necessary For Just One Tooth?

Hello, Dr Solanki. I’m 17 and have one tooth that points more to the left. It’s my left canine tooth and it points outward to the left. It doesn’t actually cause any pain, it just looks very strange. In order to straighten it would I need braces? My teeth are otherwise very nice and straight. It’s just this one tooth that is a problem so would it seem pointless to use braces to straighten one tooth? 
Hello, thank you for your question. Many people do use Invisalign and other kinds of braces even if they only feel as though one tooth is problematic, as the one tooth that points outwards could be the result of a problem with the dental arch. I’d have to see you in order to suggest alternative treatment methods, but veneers could be a solution – however they can be de-constructive to natural teeth. Hope this was helpful to you. 
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