I have recently overcome gum disease, would I be able to have Invisalign?

Hello Doctor,

I wonder could you tell me, how long after gum disease are you allowed to have invisalign? I recently underwent some periodontal cleaning after my gums became swollen and sore. My dentist has xrayed my mouth and am I very lucky in that the disease hasn’t got to the roots. It has been 4 months since my cleaning and I have made sure to maintain a thorough cleaning routine brushing my teeth daily using mouthwash daily and flossing every few days.
I plan to go to my dentist in the next couple of weeks to confirm but just wanted to ask whether in your professional opinion, I would be viable for Invisalign? Thank you very much for your time doctor and any information you can give

It is really difficult to advise you without seeing you and an x-ray of the teeth. You have done the right thing by having periodontal cleaning as any orthodontic (tooth movement) with active gum disease and cause the condition to deteriorate. I would ask you dentist for a periodontal referral (to a gum specialist) to get the ‘all clear’.
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