I have small teeth with gaps between them, are braces my best option?

hello Doctor Thorne, I am 18 years old and am looking for brace treatment. I have little gaps between all of my front teeth and i wondered if the best option for me is to have braces to close the gaps? However, i am worried that this may make me have a ‘small’ smile, which may look a little abnormal.
what is your opinion on this matter?

Many thanks

It depends othe size of your teeth compared to your face and jaw. Braces could close these gaps but will narrow your smile if you only have spaces. Another option could be bonding, where tooth coloured resin is added to your teeth to close the spaces and make the teeth look bigger. If your teeth need to be brought out as well, you could consider no-prep veneers where very thin porcelain veneers are added to the teeth to close the spaces and give you a wider smile, but not requiring any tooth adjustment.. I would not recommend full veneers as you are very young. Your best option would be a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to explain in more detail these options and look at your smile overall.
Good luck
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