I Have Suffered From Gum Disease For Some Time. I Want To Know If I’ll Be A Suitable Candidate For Invisalign?

Hello Dr Thorne. I’m a long term gum disease sufferer. I’ve managed to get it under control now with regular visits to my local dental hygienist. I am desperate for braces and was wondering if I am suitable candidate for Invisalign following gum disease? I feel it’s caused large gaps in my smile and I want to get my teeth re-aligned. I used to have such nice teeth! Any advice would really be great, I’m going to book a consultation as soon as I can get the time off from work. Thank you!
Hello. Thank you for your question. If you have active gum disease under control with no signs of inflammation and that the support of the teeth is still good, then yes braces can be used and Invisalign allows controlled movements. Your dentist should help you deal with the gum disease first and foremost. First, I would suggest a consultation to confirm suitability and hopefully get you started. I wish you good luck with this.
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