I have veneers and don’t want to lose them. Can I still get Invisalign?

dear dr thorne ,

i had veneers done abroad 15 years ago, i no technology has changed vastly since i had my teeth done , i want them back to the condition they were orgnally in , they were perfectly white and fitted perfectly in my mouth , but years on the look hideous each tooth has moved over the years , i live on a consistantly good diet and dont eat harsh or abbresive foods that could damage them , i haave a low sugar intake and dont cosume caffiene of acidic products, my teeth are stained yellow and look odd in my mouth what treaments can i have without having my veneers taken off ?


I would advise a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to assess the teeth and give you all your suitable options….

However if you are happy with the veneers and the teeth are healthy, they can be left in place.
If the teeth have moved (even with veneers on) they can be moved with Invisalign (this is one of the benefits of Invisalign)
I would recommend a hygienist visit for the stain removal and ask if they offer air flow which helps with this.
Finally I would consider some whitening for your natural teeth to bring their colour up (note the veneers or any fillings will not change colour)

Good luck


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