I Just Had My Aligners Removed, Along With 3 Teeth! What Happened?

Hello there.I’m an adult and I’ve recently had Invaslign. When they were taken off, three of my teeth were broken. Is this common? I am currently 67 years old and none of my teeth have broken before. The treatment was going fine, all to plan with no worries at all. Then as soon as the aligners are removed by teeth come out with it! Do you think I had some underlying gum disease problem or something? Something that the orthodontist may have missed? I don’t know what else to do and don’t know where to turn from here. The orthodontist was just as shocked as I was and has referred me to a specialist dentist. I just feel as though I’ve wasted months on the treatment only for it to be completely unsuccessful. Thank you for your time. 
Hi there, sorry to hear about your situation. I have not seen or heard this before I would need to assess you and your teeth but i can not see how this related to your invisalign treatment. Kind regards, Riten. 
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