I just had my Damon braces fitted but would now rather change to 6 month smiles. Is this possible?

Q. Dear Dr, I am from Malaysia. I just had my Damon 3 fixed with 4 teeth extracted then only i found out about 6 month smiles. My question is, can i remove my Damon 3 and opt for 6 month smiles? My initial intention was jus to adjust the front teeth to their perfect positions. My upper 2 front slightly crooked out (just like a book) and my lower 3 slightly crooked. I really appreciate your advise in this as the braces that i\’m having now is really making my life very difficult. Thank you,
A. I am afraid that the Six Month Smiles would probably not work very well for you as it does not deal with spaces created after taking out teeth. For you to have the Damon braces, the chances are your teeth are too crooked to have the Six Months Smiles done anyway. I am sure that you will get used the Damon braces in due course.
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