Is Invisalign Right For Me? Or Should I Consider Another Brace?

Hi, I am 15 and I have had braces before. I was given treatment for my overbite,however I lost my retainer and my teeth moved back and I don’t like the way they look anymore, it’s only my top teeth and there’s only a few teeth out of place so do you think invisalign is the right treatment? i have heard that it’s pretty expensive however so  what’s the maximum price you think I would have to pay? are there any other options you think i should consider? i want something that you can’t see,  i was already picked on for wearing my other train track braces.Would i be able to get help with the NHS due to my age? I’m not sure how i’m supposed to go about getting them fixed. thanks for your time. 
Yes Invisalign is very good for treatment relapses and I use it regularly for this. It is difficult to give you a price without seeing you first as we would need to assess which teeth have moved and how far. I would suggest an appointment as soon as possible
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