Is Invisalign Treatment Suitable for My 13 Year Old Son?

Hello there, I have a question on behalf of my 13 year old son. Now that all his teeth have come through, we are considering braces as they are quite crooked and lacks confidence at school. He says he would feel much less awkward wearing Invisalign because they’re much less visible than the chunky metal braces. Would he be able to have Invisalign treatment even though he’s only 13? Thank you for any advice you might be able to offer.
Hi, thanks for your question! Invisalign can certainly be used to treat young teenagers, just as long as all the permanent premolar teeth have fully come through. The treatment time for teenagers tends to be shorter than fixed metal braces and Invisalign is actually more hygienic because he will be able to take the aligners out to brush his teeth. Hope this is useful! Regards, Riten Patel. 
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