I’ve Been Considering Invisalign Treatment, Would They Be Suitable For Me?

Hello Dr Kumar, I was recently thinking about getting Invisalign braces. However I’m unsure if they are really suitable for me, I’m asking for your help to find out if they are suitable for me. I’ll explain, I had braces over 2 years ago and my teeth are still straight but a few of my front back teeth have gaps in them as well as this my front teeth look slanted. However my teeth do not have an overbite which is good. How much would it cost to fix my teeth using Invisalign and how long would the period be for me having them in for? Thanks for taking the time to read my question.
Many thanks for contacting us. Based on what you are saying would I be right in saying that you have had orthodontic relapse where the teeth are moving back to their original position. If you were to get in touch I would carry out Invisalign for the whole arch and our all inclusive fee including 6 Vivera retainers is £3500. Best wishes, Dr R Kumar BDSLDSRCS. 
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