I’ve Been To A Number Of Consultations And They Say I Need Braces To Straighten Just One Tooth, Is This Necessary?

Hello! I think I have a problem regarding orthodontistry. I’ve been to a number of consultations now and every time I’ve been recommended a different type of brace so I don’t know what to do! All I want is one front tooth treating, it’s currently twisted quite badly but it’s the only one that I want treating at the moment. I’ve been recommended for 6 month smiles and Invisalign but I only want the one tooth fixing so I feel these two options are a bit over the top and extreme in the least. Is there anything you can recommend for the treatment of just the one tooth? Thank you!
Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for your enquiry, both options you have had are offering orthodontic treatment even if it just for 1 tooth. It is advisable for other teeth to be removed for this tooth to be straightened. Otherwise you are looking at veneers which can be de-constructive to natural teeth. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Raj Kumar.
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