I’ve Had Gum Disease in the Past. Will Invisalign Cause Future Problems?

Hello Dr Akere. I had gum disease just over 2 years ago, but my mouth is more or less okay now. I do know that gum disease isn’t just a one-time thing and can come back. Because I had gum disease for quite a long time, my teeth have changed positions and my smile doesn’t look very nice now. I’m dying to have straight teeth and Invisalign sounds great but I’m worried that my gums and teeth are weaker because of the gum disease so will Invisalign cause problems for me? 
Hello, thank you for your question. Unfortunately, gum disease can lead to bone loss, meaning that the teeth won’t be as well supported as they should be. Before you go ahead with a treatment plan, you should have an x-ray known as an OPG, which will assess your bone levels.I would also suggest that you see a gum specialist and get their opinion before starting any kind of treatment. Good luck, Dr Akere. 
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