My Aligners Are Painful To Wear. What Can I Do To Stop The Pain?

I have just started wearing Invisalign and it’s a little painful to wear at the moment. Do you know what I could do to stop the pain? How long will this go on for, does it get any better? My orthodontist warned me not to take them off too much but I’m finding it hard to wear them all the time. Please help me with this.
Hello, thank you for your question. It is normal to experience some discomfort when you first start to wear the aligners as your mouth needs time to get used to wearing them. It will probably last for a week or two, but I wouldn’t say any longer than that. Over-the-counter painkillers will help to relieve the pain, but if it carries on I would suggest talking to your dentist and asking them to check the fit against your teeth and gums. 
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