My gums have become swollen, could my new retainer be the problem?


i have recently started a course of invisalign and although I knew there would be discomfort, am now suffering from severely swollen gums, which only started happening around the same time as I got my Invisalign. I have been wearing them for 3 weeks and it has subsided, do you think I could be allergic to the material?
If this is the case what would be my options doctor?

thank you for your time

Sorry to hear about your discomfort. It is unlikely that you are allergic to the material (not impossible but unlikely) as it is a low allergy plastic. Do you have any other allergies? My suggestions without seeing you would be
1. check you had no underlying gum problems – have yuou seen a hygienist very recently?
2. the edges of the aligner maybe irritating the gums – these can be smoothed quite easily
I would suggest speaking to you Invisalign dentist sooner rather than later and discussing it with him
Good luck
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