My Teeth Have Relapsed, What Can Be Done?

Hi Dr Thorne. I had Invisalign treatment 2 years ago, but I don’t think I wore the aligners for as long as I should have, I mean I would take them out quite often when I probably shouldn’t have, and I didn’t wear the retainers every night. My teeth weren’t really that bad but still enough of a problem for me to have braces to straighten them. I think my teeth have relapsed slightly, as there is a slight overlap between my top 2 teeth. What can be done about this?
Hi there, thank you for your question. Retainers should be worn long-term, ideally for life in order for the teeth not to relapse. If you’re not unhappy with your teeth as they are now, you could just get new retainers. But if you want to correct the teeth that are overlapping, I would suggest a short-term brace treatment such as Six Month Smiles or Simpli5. Good luck, Adam. 
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