Should I get veneers or Invisalign to fix my crooked teeth?

my front top teeth are crooked and two of my other teeth overlap. i really want to get this sorted out but i’m not sure of the best way. i am looking at veneers or invisalign, the good thing about veners is they will be quick but i’m worried about having to get them replaced, would invisalign have more permanent results??,
If your teeth are crooked the best treatment is orthodontics, if you are unhappy with the actual shape of your teeth then veneers might be an option. I always prefer to straighten crooked teeth first before veneers as it reduces the amount of natural tooth that has to be removed (short term orthodontics can starighten teeth in 6 months or less). Veneers can be quicker but can require more work later on. i would really need to see you to give you the best options.
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