What dental treatment would be best for my crowded teeth?

Hi there I’ve always looked after my teeth however as I’m getting older (I’m nearly 33) have noticed they’re more crowded. My canine teeth are prominent (and slightly yellow) whilst my incisor teeth are fairly small. What’s the best treatment to give me a better smile? I’ve looked at veneers but don’t like the bulky appearance and the fact enamel has to be removed I’ve also considered invisalign but am worried I won’t be able to deal with it for 9 months!
Hi there! I think the best thing to do is have an initial assessment so you can voice what your expectations are and the dentist can talk to you about your different options and results. There are veneers that need minimum or no tooth structure removal but like with any treatment suitability is key. It is impossible to tell you what would be the best option for you as I haven’t seen you or know your expectations. Best wishes, Vasileia.
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