What Is The Average Cost And Length For Invisalign Treatment?

Hi Dr Sepehrara. I have been wanting to correct my teeth for quite a while now but the only problem with me is the cost. I’m currently studying, and this year would be perfect for me to try and go through a treatment for my teeth. I have slight crowding with my top teeth and more crowding with the bottom teeth. Would you be able to tell me what the average cost and length would be for treatment with Invisalign braces? I am 20 so I do pay for my regular treatments.

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Kiran Chahal.

Hi Kiran, thank you for your question. For a straightforward tooth realignment, the average cost for Invisalign treatment is around £3000. It does vary with each dentist though, and you’ll be able to get a quote for both time and cost before you commit to a treatment plan. Treatment time can vary from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the alignment of your teeth and the treatment plan you agree to with your dentist. I hope this is helpful to you! 
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