What treatments can close my front tooth gap?

I am 38years old and for the last 2 years a gap as appeared with my front teeth, this is quite an embarressment and i do not like to smile like i always did before, photo’s of me smiling are so scary. What treatment is available to fix the gap and will I ever get my smile back which once made me happy? and where is the best place to go? how much is it likely to cost? please help as the gap is making my live miserable and very unhappy, Im due to go on holideay soon but i am not too happy because I always love my photo and now far to shy to smile and show my teeth.
First of all we need to see why the gap has suddenly appeared.
You then have options of
1. Bonding – adding composite resin (tooth coloured filling material) to the teeth,
2. Veneers – adding porcelain facings to these teeth (and possibly the adjacent teeth for a more balanced smile), or
3. Braces – to move the teeth closer together and close the gap. This may be fixed to the outside of the teeth (eg Damon), the inside (eg Incognito) or something removable such as Invisalign, depending on your case.
I would suggest seeing a cosmetic dentist who has a good orthodontic knowledge. I’d be happy to see you if you wish – my practice details are below, the number is +44 (0)207 6365981.
Good luck
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