When I had a consultation for 6 month smiles the dentist said the treatment wasn’t ideal. Could you advise?

Q. hi, I am trying to decide between invisalign and 6 month smile. I already had a consultation for invisalign and the dentist said i may only be 50% happy as it could sort out my wonky teeth at bottom but not maybe my overjet of two topfront teeth due to crowding. he said ideally fixed braces would be a better solution(as in 12-18 month ones) Another dentist offers 6 month smile. Could this be any more effective with overjet? both are offered as part of groupon deals so costs would work out same about 1400 pounds. Thankyou!,
A. Hello, It is diffucult to tell without examination. You might want to book a consultation with a 6-month-smile provider to find out what is the result you could expect with that type of appliance. Further, you might want to hear what an orthododntist specialist say about your treatment/ the achivable goals and the time and financial aspect of them.
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