Why Has My Bite Changed?

Hi Drs. I’m really concerned about my bite. I recently finished my Invisalign treatment and have noticed a change in my bite from when I started. I thought it was because of the aligners doing their job during the treatment but obviously now the problem is still here. My molars don’t touch when I close my jaws and it doesn’t feel right. My dentist told me the aligners wouldn’t affect my bite but obviously this is not true. Will I have this problem forever now or is there something that can be done to put it right? 
Hi, thank you for your question. Sometimes, your teeth are covered by aligners they end up adjusting the bite level of the teeth, intruding the molars. This can be resolved, you need to either cover only your front teeth with aligners, or alternatively use a part retainer. This will cause your bite to fall back into place. Have a chat to your dentist to see about correcting the problem. Kind regards, Andy Stafford. 
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