Will my past gum disease ruin my chances of treatment with Invisalign?

i had gum disease about 4 years ago and although it all seems to have abated, i know that it can return. Because of this gum disease some of my teeth have moved into unflattering positions and I am really unhappy with my smile. I would love to have straight teeth and really like the sound of invisalign, but i am worried that the gum disease may have weakened my teeth, gums and bones and that putting any pressure on them may cause horrible problems in the future. What should I do doctor?

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Yes, unfortunately gum disease can lead to bone loss which supports the teeth. A round-the-head x-ray (known as an OPG) should be taken to determine your bone levels before any treatment is planned. Depending on the extent of bone loss / gum disease, I would also recommend seeing a periodontist (gum specialist) for their opinion about any orthodontic treatment.
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