Would Invisalign be a good choice for a second bout of braces?

Q. I had attached metal braces when I was younger and didn’t like them all that much. Now, I am in my early 20s and one of the front teeth has overlapped one of the other teeth. I don’t know why this has happened and if this is something that I have done wrong since my braces treatment but I really want to get it treated. My budget is notall that much and I am pretty sure that I saw 6 month smiles is cheaper than invisalign but can you advise me on what treatment would be suitable for my particular problem? Can you tell me if consultations are free for these treatments and if teeth whitening is usually inculded. Thanks.
A. dear Sir/Madam,
many thanks for contacting us.
Invisalign is a form of treatment that can be done aggressively and damage your teeth or properly by moving the side teeth out of the way first.
Sure 6 month smiles is cheaper and quicker, but do you really want a dentist filing awau the enamel between your front teeth?
as for free consultations and free tooth whitening, I would recommend these as unimportant.
If you want to have a second stage of orthodontics then do it properly and have your dentist look at the whole mouth and have full Invisalign, which will take longer and be more expensive.
I have yet to treat/finish a case within 6 months as I do not believe in enamel cutting at the front 
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