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157 Woodsend Road, Flixton, Manchester, M41 8GN

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I am a general dentist who enjoys seeing people who benefit from a huge boost in confidence with having a nicer smile.

From a health point of view the best way to do this is to preserve as much tooth as possible. My personal belief to line up all the teeth with orthodontics as quickly and discreetly as possible then whiten the teeth to achieve a great looking, long lasting smile.

The majority of patients that I see at the practices where I work at in Manchester come to me about straightening of their teeth in order to be happier with their self-esteem. It may be that your teeth are starting to overlap or that you have always wanted them straighter but I can speak to you about different methods of aligning your teeth.

I like seeing a change in patients smiles' using almost invisible braces. This can be achieved with Invisalign, the Inman Aligner or Six Month Smiles (clear fixed braces) depending on the starting position of your teeth. It does not matter which technique we use, we try to be as unobtrusive and understated.

I am in a very fortunate position to be asked to be on the board of experts for the Invisalign Guide website, which aims to improve patient awareness of the Invisalign system from a general dentist perspective that us very familiar with the Invisalign treatment system.

With the Invisalign system I am currently treating over a hundred patients with some patients that have already finished. In my experience there isn’t an issue that I haven’t come across and I feel very comfortable speaking about the way it moves teeth into a more pleasant appearance.

The best way for me to help guide you through the myriad of orthodontic options is to examine your upper teeth, your lower teeth then how you bite together. Then have a conversation to see what method you would be suitable and what you would prefer to start this life changing confidence-boosting treatment.

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