How much does it cost?

As more and more adults seek high quality orthodontic work later in life, treatments are becoming more expensive. One of the reasons for this is that orthodontic treatments are designed to achieve more than they used to. Now, not only do they need to be effective, they also need to be aesthetic. Not only do they need to be durable, they also need to be comfortable.

In some ways, therefore, customer demand for more personalised, better quality treatments has led to much more variation in the cost of treatment.

Similarly, newer products that depend on advanced technology can require specialist product training for dentists or orthodontic specialists. Often, dentists will invest in this training themselves and this necessitates an increase in the cost of the their services. For the very latest treatments, it may be that only a very small number of dentists have the facilities, equipment and expertise to deliver them – so their services can be in very high demand.

All of these factors mean that good quality orthodontic treatment can be expensive and Invisalign is no exception. Don’t forget, Invisalign is a bespoke treatment, with aligners that are created to fit exactly and precisely to the shape of your particular teeth. It is a far more sophisticated approach than conventional braces requires.

On average, you can expect Invisalign costs to start at around £3000 for a straightforward tooth realignment. One of the benefits of Invisalign is that, because the treatment is planned out through computer-generated images at the outset, you can usually get a full quote from your dentist before the treatment begins. Therefore, you know the costs and timescales before you commit to a full treatment plan.