Invisalign Express

What is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express is the natural next step for the Invisalign brand. The Invisalign system has built a strong reputation as a high quality, discrete, adult-oriented orthodontic treatment that creates minimal disruption to your everyday life. However, research amongst dentists show that many patients who require orthodontic treatment only need very minor corrections. So while the Invisalign system looked appealing, they were unable to justify committing to the cost and timescales involved in a full course of treatment. If orthodontic issues are mild and primarily cosmetic, many patients can choose not to have treatment without compromising their overall oral health.

Invisalign Express is designed as the perfect solution for these patients. Compared to conventional braces, the original Invisalign programme is fast – patients can usually see a visible difference within 12-18 months. Invisalign Express works even faster. Provided it is only applied to less severe orthodontic issues such as crowding or spacing, it can correct teeth and enhance a smile in less than six months.

One of the most important factors behind Invisalign Express is that it relies on exactly the same technology as the original Invisalign system. So patients experience exactly the same level of consultative support, computer-generated smile design and the same, high quality, bespoke set of aligners. Of course, that also means that their aligners consist of the same materials – so they are transparent, aesthetically pleasing and removable.

This adds up to all the advantages of the original Invisalign system. However, they are packaged up to meet the needs of a different group of patients. With Invisalign Express, treatment will on average last less than six months and will involve a maximum of ten aligners.

How do I know if Invisalign Express is right for me?

Invisalign Express should be viewed as compact version of the original Invisalign system, designed specifically for patients who only require minor corrections. It is not a cheap option. It uses the same technology and has the same advantages. So you should never really be in a position where you have to choose between Invisalign and Invisalign Express. The nature of your orthodontic requirement will ultimately decide which approach is right for you. That’s why the best place to begin is with a consultation with your dentist or orthodontic specialist. Depending on the level of correction you require, they should be able to recommend the right Invisalign product.