Developing the Invisalign brand

So where does Invisalign fit into this picture? The Invisalign brand was first launched in America in 1999. Invisalign products work in much the same way as conventional brackets in that appliances are fitted to your teeth, and those appliances then move the teeth slowly and gently towards their optimum positions. But whereas conventional braces are built from stainless steel and metal wire, Invisalign products are clear plastic aligners that are less than one millimetre thick. They are also removable, which makes everyday tasks such as eating much easier - as you can probably imagine.

One of the reasons why Invisalign has grown in recent years is because orthodontic work for adults is becoming much more popular. In the past, most people believed that braces could only really make a difference to your teeth as a teenager, when your teeth were still growing. But that is a myth. Braces can still move your teeth as an adult and you can still achieve the smile you want later in life. As more adult orthodontic treatments are becoming available, more people are keen to learn about the options available to them.

The growth in adult orthodontic treatment has led to greater consumer demand for more flexible products that can be adapted to suit a customer’s lifestyle. For example, conventional braces may get just the same results as Invisalign aligners. But if you’ve got a big presentation with your boss next week, what would you rather be wearing: an old-fashioned metal and wire bracket or a virtually invisible aligner that you can even remove if you need to? In a nutshell, that’s why most adults choose Invisalign.

Over the years, Invisalign has developed into a successful brand with a number of products in its portfolio. There is the original, definitive Invisalign programme, which this site covers in detail from treatment through to costs. Recently, however, Invisalign has also released modified versions of the original system to exploit new opportunities within the dental market.

Invisalign Express is a new version of the Invisalign system which is designed to correct minor orthodontic issues in short timescales. Find out more about Invisalign Express

Invisalign Teen is the programme that Invisalign has designed specifically for teenagers. It includes a number of modifications that make it easier for teenagers and parents to manage the treatment and therefore achieve the desired results. Find out more about Invisalign Teen

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