Ceramic or Metal?

Highly aesthetic, highly resistance and minimal breakage. The Opal Bracket (Ultradent Products) has recently been introduced for those who don’t prefer Invisalign to metal braces.

Made of polycrystalline and translucent glass, the new Opal Bracket is a step forward in ceramic brace technology. The brackets were introduced just recently at an Orthodontics Convention in Germany and include a built-in hinged door to fit over wires and are self-ligating, seeing an end to stained ligature elastics.

The Brackets can be used to correct all irregularities such as crossbites, overbites and underbites. The material of the brackets provide a stronger and much more ‘natural’ look than normal metal braces, less prone to staining and less irritating to the gums.

Most people find that other ceramic brackets look natural only for white teeth but Opal Brackets can look particularly natural with slightly discoloured teeth and are barely visible in photographs or from a distance.

Compared to another leading self-ligating bracket, Oyster (Gestenco Int.), the Opal Bracket has shown to have the lowest amount of friction and still lower friction from aging Opal Brackets.

Contrary to popular belief, ceramic brackets are just as strong as normal metal brackets as they are bound with plasma light. Opal Brackets are no exception, providing a strong, successful treatment for all patients who would prefer braces to Invisalign but still want the most natural smile through their treatment.

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