Free Dentistry For Children

The University of Detroit Mercy Dental School have announced free dental screenings for children whose procedures could have cost more than $5, 000 and may not have been covered by insurance.

Families woke up early in the morning to have their children screened for free. Around 1, 000 parents lined up at the doors of the dental school on Friday, hoping for free braces and dental treatment. The University of Detroit Mercy Dental School has offered 60 free pairs to children.

In the early hours, staff at the dental school handed out 500 tickets to those waiting in line but declined the rest of the parents and youngsters, who were told to come back early next week.

Families in high numbers even camped around the building in desperation to get their children fitted. As it seems, sixty pairs of braces barely scratches the surface for dental needs today.

Children are more likely to need braces than adults. Part of the problem, said Dr. Daniel Briskie (a Rochester Dentist), is the amount of carbohydrates in children’s food and that a lot of parents thinking baby teeth don’t need to be taken care of as they grow out.

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