Invisalign – the Clear Alternative now for Teens

The revolutionary invisible option to metal brackets and braces became a huge success with around one million adult patients worldwide.

Up until recently, Invisalign was more frequent in adults. But now the new FDA approved Invisalign Teen has been purposely designed to give teenagers confidence and comfort.

The barely visible Invisalign can be taken out for eating, special occasions or most activities teenagers enjoy as Invisalign Teen only needs to be worn for the prescribed number of hours each day.

The easy to use and remove aligners give teenagers a straight set of teeth within 9 – 15 months with less hassle and a subtle, almost unnoticeable treatment.

Invisalign Teen comes in a set of aligners that gently push the teeth into place. Patients’ aligners are replaced with a new every two – three weeks, avoiding painful adjustment procedures for metal or wire braces.

With six replacements offered for lost or damaged aligners, Invisalign Teen is designed to handle teeth that haven’t erupted entirely and are equipped with a specially adapted monitoring system. It’s easy to see why Invisalign Teen quickly became the Number One brace alternative in the US, a trend that’s already spreading fast to the UK.

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